Infrastructure Projects Overview

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Between 1980 and 1998, Clark County was among the fastest-growing communities in the nation, which necessitated the Las Vegas Valley Water District focus on developing new facilities and infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing population.

In late 2007, these conditions changed significantly when much of the nation began to experience significant economic disruption. Local expansion efforts halted and many projects in progress were put on hold.

The Water District’s focus shifted from system expansion to asset management, with an increased emphasis on customer care for the 1.4 million residents in our service areas. All functions in support of this mission—from maintaining infrastructure to ensuring accurate metering and protecting water quality— require properly functioning and reliable physical assets.

Capital improvements are needed to reliably operate and maintain the Water District’s extensive water distribution system, as well as to address state-mandated water quality issues and new development need. In 2017, the Water District embarked on a ten-year, $616 million infrastructure renewal program to maintain Las Vegas’ water delivery system and avoid costly emergency repairs. Improvements cover three main areas:

  • Asset management improvements
  • Maintaining water quality
  • Building new facilities