Building New Facilities

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During the recession, the Water District deferred all nonessential construction projects. This required engineers to devise solutions that could provide access to the municipal water supply for residents and businesses in newly developed areas without investing in additional reservoirs and pumping stations.

While those solutions have proved effective, the absence of core infrastructure in affected areas undermines system reliability and subjects customers to vulnerability that is inconsistent with Water District standards.

To address this issue and ensure these customers receive the same level of reliability as residents in other parts of the valley, the Water District plans to construct a total of four reservoirs and four pumping stations.

Northwest Area Facilities

New facilities planned for construction in the Northwest area of the Las Vegas Valley include the development of two new water storage reservoirs— one with a capacity of 10 million gallons, the other with a capacity of 5 million gallons—along with two pumping stations. These new facilities will address the strain on existing infrastructure and to reduce residents’ vulnerability to service interruptions associated with scheduled or emergency outages.

Southwest Area Facilities

New facilities planned for construction include a 10 million-gallon water storage reservoir and a pumping station. In addition to providing an emergency water supply near customers, the proposed reservoir will alleviate pressure variability issues associated with the current engineering configuration. This benefits existing customers not only in terms of reliability, but in service quality as well.

West Area Facilities

New facilities planned for construction in this service area include the development of a 10-million-gallon water storage reservoir and a pumping station. Constructing this reservoir will reduce vulnerability and enhance overall system reliability. It also will provide additional capacity and emergency storage for any additional residential or commercial expansion that may occur in the area.